Sunday, August 19, 2007

Stealing First Kisses

So I haven't written in a while, in the hopes of becoming more optimistic and wizened. I've gone out on multiple dates and I've found a new phenomenon that irritates me. This has happened on almost every date I have gone out on: first dates, second dates, lunch dates, coffee dates... And men think it is perfectly acceptable.

I'm talking about that ever important first kiss. Used to be, there was a dilemma of whether you even kissed a man on the first date. If you did it would be some good-night kiss as he dropped you off or walked you to your door. There would be an awkward pause, but you would make eye contact and then KISS!

I went out on a lunch date with this guy, it wasn't even a "date" since we both had an hour break during the workday. But we wanted to meet and see if there was potential for a date. I had to pick him up since he commuted to work by train. We went and grabbed some food, I was driving him back to his office and I stopped at a red light. He leaned over and tried to kiss me right there, in my car at a red light - a sneak attack! I actually had to put my hand up to stop him!
I've had other men lean across dinner tables, car seats, and other various mid-sentence scenarios where the moment was not even vaguely romantic but they went in for the surprise attack. I'm not even going to go into drunken attempts at bars, because those are really not fair to consider - but it does happen!

Gentlemen, if you are at all interested in a woman - even if its for a one-night-stand, do yourselves a favor, make the kiss romantic. If the moment feels right, go for it... but try not to do it in the middle of a restaurant, in the middle of a sentence, etc. Wait until your eyes connect and the world seems to slow down, and then lean towards her. Watch the movie Hitch and do 90% you and let her come 10%. Then you aren't rushing the kiss, the moment feels right for both people, and she is not forced to use self defense measures!

As Will Smith said, this may be her "last first kiss."


boyboy said...

haha. I think the guys that try to "steal" the kisses are the inexperienced ones.

Waiting until the end of the date is always the "safe" way, but definitely boring.

Any guys reading out there...the secret to a good first kiss is to build it up a little. I don't kiss a woman unless she's comfortable holding my hand or my arm around her.

Once it feels right just eye contact for a few seconds, then kiss. How do you know when it's right? Experience!

julie said...

I enjoy reading your blog entries :-)

diamondsandheels said...

boyboy, thanks for the insight. I would agree that is a good strategy. There is a lot to be said about seeing if your date is comfortable around you!! And letting her make a conscious decision to participate.